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Math for Crocheters

Part 2

What you need to know about "granny square" math

Find out all about modular math

You will learn how to:

  • Measure gauge on squares worked from the center out
  • Measure gauge in other center-out shapes
  • Crochet a flat circle
  • Create center-out triangles, squares, and hexagons
  • Create non-flat shapes in the round from the center out
  • Design modularly, using squares and other motif shapes to create a project
  • Calculate yarn needed for a multi-color, modular project

What do I need to know first?

Although everything we will be doing is elementary arithmetic, you do need to be familiar with some basic crochet concepts and some basic math concepts.

  • How gauge affects fabric and stitch counts;
  • How to calculate yarn usage from a swatch;
  • How to crochet simple motifs from the center out;
  • Several ways of joining motifs, such as sewn seams, crocheted seams, and join-as-you-go.

I strongly encourage you to take Math for Crocheters, Part 1 before taking this course.

No matter what, don't panic over the word "math"! Edie has plenty of experience teaching both math-phobic and math-lovers. You'll be fine.

A few details

This is a self-paced course. Once you register, you'll be able to log in and start learning immediately.

You'll have unlimited access to the lessons.

What students are saying

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Suddenly maths has become exciting!

— Jean O.

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I really enjoyed this course. It definitely built on the Math for Crocheters Part 1. I appreciate having to think outside the box to apply what you taught.

— Sharon O.

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Wow! This course really stretched my Crochet Brain! I'm definitely smarter now. I'm definitely going to take the time and make [your suggestions] a habit in my crocheting in the future. I


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Verified Buyer

3 weeks ago

helpful & logical

I appreciated the application of magic and logic to better calculate measurements and yarn amounts on projects. Very helpful.