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Create Schematics & Knitting Charts with Adobe Illustrator

Create professional graphics for your knitting patterns

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Professional knitting design requires professional-level skills. Take your pattern instructions up a notch with vector-based schematics, diagrams and charts.

In this one-of-a-kind series of classes, I'll show you how to use Adobe Illustrator to:

  • Draw vector-based schematics for all types of shapes and garments.

  • Draw reusable knitting symbols, then use those symbols to create grid-based knitting charts.

Learn Illustrator basics with schematic creation...

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector-graphics software. It has so many features that it can be intimidating to beginners.

But you don't have to know everything all at once!

In the Create Schematics lessons, you'll learn to:

  • Draw straight lines
  • Draw curved lines
  • Draw arrows
  • Add and format text
  • Create proportional and symmetrical shapes
  • Align and center objects

...then create stitch symbols...

Begin to create a collection of commonly used knitting symbols that can be customized to fit your specific needs. You'll be able to use these symbols over and over again. produce professional-looking charts

Combine your existing symbols into completely customizable grid-based knitting charts.

For Designers

Make your patterns stand out! Charts and schematics are important instructional tools that will appeal to a wider audience. 

For Tech Editors

Become more valuable to your clients! Offer schematic and chart illustration services to designers, bloggers and publishers.

Laser-focused on your needs

This is the only series of classes available anywhere that is specifically focused on knitting designers and editors. It targets the Illustrator tools and concepts you need to jump-start your way into technical illustration.

You can spend dozens of hours watching and reading tutorials on Adobe Illustrator.

Then spend hundreds more hours practicing and figuring out how to make it work for your needs.

Or you can take this course, focusing on just the skills you need to get started making professional looking instructions.

What people are saying

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Before taking this class I had no previous experience with Adobe Illustrator...everything is explained clearly and concisely. I had a blast taking the class and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their knowledge...Love it!

— Herma S.

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...relaxed but well-planned. There were people in the classes with various levels of knowledge, but she was able to teach it where that did not make a difference

— Jan S.

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Edie will show you step by step how to create professional Schematics and Charts that will WOW you!

— Carolotta C

How the Course Works

Beginning July 28, 2023, the lessons will be released once a week for four weeks. The lessons consist of a pre-recorded video (or two) and a printable pdf. You'll have a chance to watch the video tutorial and follow along with the handout. Then you'll have time to practice on your own.

Most lessons include a text-based discussion, to enable asynchronous chat about that lesson.

Several days after the second lesson drops, and each week thereafter (for a total of three times), Edie will host a live Zoom Q&A session. You will have had a few days to practice, so come to the session ready to ask your questions about that week's lesson!

After the class series is complete, you'll continue to have access to all the materials for no less than six months.

Want to learn both knitting AND crochet charts? Sign up for one course, and you’ll get a coupon code for $199 off the other course. Offer applies only when both courses are taken simultaneously.

Some Pre-requisites:

  • Be very familiar with using knitting charts.
  • Be prepared to do your homework and practice. You won't master the skills by just watching!
  • Have an up-to-date version of Adobe Illustrator (affiliate link) for the entire month of the class. You can get a 7-day free trial of Illustrator and after that you can pay for a monthly Illustrator Creative Cloud subscription for about $20/month. You may be eligible for a student and teacher discount, so check around the Adobe site for the best deal.

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Create Schematics & Knitting Charts with Adobe Illustrator


Course curriculum

Edie Eckman

Edie has been designing knit and crochet patterns for over 25 years. She has been teaching for 20+ years, and tech editing for almost 20 years. Her passion is making patterns as understandable as possible to the greatest number of crafters possible. She wants everyone, from the absolute beginner to the advanced professional designer, to be confident in their skills.

One way she does that is to help designers and teachers craft their written patterns to be clear and accurate. Well-written patterns make for happy crafters!